Online Romance Scam

The use of digital technology became prevalent and of common use throughout the world. And as the technology progresses, different modus also arises. One of them is this so called Online Romance Modus.


Dugo-Dugo Gang

The National Region Police Office (NCRPO) list this modus as Top 9 in the most common crimes in the country. Criminals can take your money and valuable items remotely.


Illegal Recruiter

Finding a job is hard. Desperate people will bite into any opportunity even overseas, to make ends meet.

ATM Skimming

Criminals can take all of your hard-earned money without you knowning it and they only require a split second to do it.


Criminals often seek targets in public chat rooms, social media, and dating sites. Posting as talent managers, these predators dupe female victims with false promises and “Modelling Break”.


Text Scam

Hallelujah! You just won truckloads of cash plus other exciting freebies, courtesy of a very shady or nonexistent foundation. If you’re still unfamiliar with this modus, here’s how it works.