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Woman Beaten by Relatives

T3 Classics | October 8, 2017

Woman Beaten by Relatives – Camera caught a thirty-year-old woman being beaten by her own mother and sister-in-law. The reason–their dog. Their neighbors, on the other hand, stood on the sidelines, enjoying the show.

Palit-Pera Gang – Video caught this scheming woman in a sari-sari store in Pampanga. In a matter of seconds, this woman was able to deceive the store seller. Watch as T3 reveal their scheme!

Chop chopped Motorcycle – A company driver went to BITAG-T3 to complain about his impounded motorcycle in Dasmariñas. He was shocked to see that the parts on his motorcycle were removed!

Saludo – A story of tricycle driver in Rosario, Cavite who has a mild cerebral palsy but kept on persevering. His lack of formal education and illness did not hinder him from helping his family.

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