Modus Buster

This is a repository of modus operandi and scams that BITAG has encountered and exposed through the years.

Through the tips in this section, readers will be able to effectively spot, identify, and prevent falling to various scams and modus.

Text Scam

Modus Buster | November 27, 2017

An actual sample of a text scam   Hallelujah! You just won truckloads of cash […]


Modus Buster | October 20, 2017

ATM users, beware of this modus! Criminals can take all of your hard-earned money without […]

Death Threat Modus: Buy-Back

Modus Buster | October 19, 2017

This modus is yet to gain much attention, so we’re giving the public a heads-up […]

Sex Chat Modus

Modus Buster | September 28, 2017

A lot of you may be familiar with this modus and most of you may […]