BITAG: New Generation

New season of the hit prime time documentary-reality program in Philippine Television.

This time, a new breed of investigative journalists will face the abuses, negligence, and scams of the new generation.

As the authority in “real reality,” BITAG New Generation improves its action-packed and confrontational format, featuring deeper investigations and even more ground-shaking exposés.


BITAG: New Generation | January 13, 2018

Two daughters. One wants to leave both her mother and father in a nursing home, […]


Action-Packed | January 8, 2018

Drug syndicates are taking advantage of the rich natural resources of the country and the […]

Invisible People

BITAG: New Generation | December 25, 2017

You know them and you’ve seen them roam the streets and beg for spare change. […]

Life of Perkins Twins

BITAG | December 16, 2017

We’re staking it. These teen heartthrobs are the perfect youth role model. Get to know […]

Pier Thieves

BITAG: New Generation | December 10, 2017

Big-time Liquid Ecstasy suppliers

BITAG: New Generation | December 2, 2017

PDEA and BITAG teamed up in this two consecutive drug operations. Click to watch this […]

Correctional Drug Queen

BITAG: New Generation | November 11, 2017

Exclusive action-packed drug operation of PDEA – Special Enforcement Services and BITAG against the Philippines’ […]


BITAG | October 30, 2017

A widow came to BITAG Headquarters seeking justice for her deceased husband. Her husband was […]


BITAG: New Generation | October 26, 2017

An emotional husband could not accept the fact that his wife passed away. Seeking justice, […]