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BITAG | December 18, 2016

Body cavity search is globally performed especially in maximum-security facilities such as jails. The idea is to physically search every part of the body for possible contraband. But in Pasay City Jail, the police have a different form of body cavity searching. Patterned after what he saw in Malaysia, the Pasay City jail warden took it upon himself to imitate a similar searching equipment: A small improvised platform with a hole “Butas” in the middle.

Lights and camera were placed inside the hole while a monitor was connected to it and placed on a nearby table. Jail visitors are then asked to lie down naked in an awkward position on top of the platform. At the same time, the accompanying jail guards inspect the visitor’s private parts for contraband using the monitor. We did not like the idea of this so we immediately took action and confronted the jail warden.

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