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Fixed Marriage Modus

T3 Classics | April 18, 2015

Fixed Marriage Modus – A Korean national operates a modus here in the country–fixed marriage between Filipina and Koreans. Applicants were interviewed and pictures of them were taken. After the wedding, the women end up as slaves.

Negligence in Rizal Medical Center – After doing an exhausting 8-hour labor, a mother was denied of their first meeting with her newborn child.  The doctors took the baby after finding out one of the finger was missing. When the baby was returned, the finger was poorly reattached. They found out that the doctor had no license.

Dirty Poultry Shop – There’s a tip from a concerned citizen about a nuisance poultry store in Litex Wet and Dry Market. The City Health Department visited the store and found all kinds of health violations.


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