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About Bitag Media

2002 – Ben formed BST Tri-media Production to produce the television program “BITAG” as a block timer. BITAG officially launched on September 14, 2002 at the Associated Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Channel 5). Months later, Ben became a columnist of Pilipino Star Ngayon and Pang Masa, both under the broadsheet Philippine Star.

2004, March – Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC-13) offered Ben’s BITAG a TV primetime slot and a co-production contract. This was the start of Ben’s big break on television. Immediately after signing the contract, BITAG kicked-off its first episode with IBC-13.

2005, mid of July – BITAG was still at IBC-13, when UNTV Channel 37 owner Daniel Razon offered Ben to join UNTV and be one of their anchors. In October, Ben became one of the hosts of the morning television show “Pilipinas, Gising Ka Na Ba?” Immediately followed by Ben’s “Bahala si Tulfo,” live from 8 to 10 in the morning. The show was simulcast at DZME radio.

2006 – Ben was joined by his brother Erwin at UNTV. To accommodate Erwin, Ben changed the title of the show to “Tulfo Brothers: Bahala si Ben at Erwin.” But Erwin left in June 2006 to join “Isumbong Mo – Tulfo Brothers” at RPN9. Ben went solo again and changed the title to “Bahala si Bitag.”

2010, April – BITAG still running strong at IBC-13 as well as UNTV but this time the show title changed to BITAG Live, ABS-CBN TFC (The Filipino Channel) knocked on BITAG’s door. ABS-CBN TFC offered Ben’s BITAG to be on their program grid for their international market particularly in the US, under BRO Channel, specifically targeting the Filipino male audience. But eventually, BITAG ended up with TFC. Ben signed a 2-year contract but lasted only a year and a half (mid-2011).

2011 – TV5 offered Ben to co-anchor with his brothers Raffy and Erwin in the program “T3.” BITAG remained with IBC-13 and BITAG Live at UNTV in the morning. It was also in 2011 when Pinoy US Cops, a show of Ben’s BST Tri-Media Production was offered a primetime slot at AksyonTV Channel 41, sister station of TV5.

2012, last quarter – TV5 offered BITAG an exclusive contract. Ben terminated his contract with IBC-13. He was forced to pull BITAG out of ABS-CBN TFC because of its exclusivity contract with TV5.

2013, March – Ben moved his daily morning show BITAG Live to 92.3 News FM, simulcast at AksyonTV Channel 41 which airs 10 to 11 in the morning. Ben officially ended his contract with UNTV. In October of the same year, due to TV5’s financial constraint, Ben quickly moved his BITAG and Pinoy US Cops to PTV4, but remained as talent-host for “T3″ with his brothers, likewise, his BITAG Live at 92.3 News FM. Also this year, BITAG and Pinoy US Cops officially became syndicated TV programs. And never again Ben would entertain any exclusive contract for his BITAG and Pinoy US Cops from any national and international TV network.

2014 – Present – Ben moved quickly to have his Pinoy US Cops and BITAG, enter a prime time block acquisition contract with People’s Television Network (PTV4). Both shows are air every Saturday prime time 7:30-8 pm and 8-9 pm, respectively.

2016, January – BST Tri-media Production became BITAG MEDIA UNLIMITED INC., duly registered at Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. On April, TV5’s “T3” folded up. At present, Ben’s BITAG Live morning show remains with TV5 92.3 News FM. Full episode and subtopics of his radio program are uploaded on BITAG OFFICIAL YouTube Channel. Month of July, Ben produced BITAG Live “Unfiltered” Primetime, 8 to 8:30 in the evening, Manila time, live streamed for BITAG Live Facebook 220,000+ followers. Ben’s two columns at Pilipino Star Ngayon “Bahala si Bitag” and “BITAG” at Pang Masa are both active.

October 2016, BITAG MEDIA UNLIMITED INC. built their own digital studios at Richwell Tower, adjacent to the corporate office. The studios are capable of doing live television shows using point-to-point fiber transmission. This technology is currently being used by BMUI for their fast-paced investigative-public service and news magazine type TV program, “KILOS PRONTO” at UNTV, prime time, 6:45pm to 7:45pm daily, Monday to Friday.

BMUI digital studios are capable of doing a point to point fiber transmission with any national television network in Manila, provided if they are willing to use this technology serviced by PLDT.

A new program will soon be launched, “Ben Tulfo UNFILTERED” will go live at PTV4, simulcast at their 27 radio stations Radyo Ng Bayan nationwide, on or before December 2016.

“Ben Tulfo UNFILTERED” will be using the same point to point fiber transmission, a template BMUI is currently using at UNTV for KILOS PRONTO.

A lot more television shows are coming up for 2017 using the same technology, “dark copper” point to point fiber transmission.