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About Bitag Media

Welcome! This is the official website of BITAG Media Unlimited Incorporated (BMUI). All of our equities and works are regularly uploaded here and made readily available for fans, viewers and visitors.

This online repository houses the award-winning and classic documentaries made by BMUI through the years.

BITAG Media’s humble beginning started on October 2016, replacing the defunct bitagtheoriginal.com

After careful preparations, BITAG Media was formally launched in December 2016. It is operated and managed by a group of driven millennials under the direct training and supervision of the CEO, Mr. Ben Tulfo.

Only the highest moral, ethical, and journalistic standards are imbibed and practiced in this online domain. In other words, no compromise.

Using our unique brand of journalism, BITAG Media’s mission is to offer quality content for viewers all over the globe.