BITAG aids used, abused maid

This 2018, opportunists have crossed the line once again! Taking advantage of unaware individuals has always been happening in the past few years. In fact, BITAG has already worked similar cases in the past 13 years. In this case, however, it appears enough isn’t enough for these wretched opportunists. For as long as they are not in the government’s line of sight, they will continue to abuse these laborers who strive hard to give their families a better life. Why abuse those whose intention was to help their family live for a better future? Why go after these poor laborers? In this episode of “BITAG: The New Generation”, right after the action-packed encounters of the BITAG Investigative Team, PNP, and PDEA against the “Darema Group,” a maid who served Dahoc Trading for 17 years, has been another victim by her very own employer. Her name was used as a “dummy” for the same head’s business. Thus, her name is registered in the records of the Department of Trade and Industry. For 17 years, this maid had enough. She formally filed a complaint against her former superiors in regards to them using her identity without her permission. The actions of her employers are a clear violation of the “Anti-Dummy Law”. Right after her complaint was aired on Kilos Pronto, a public-service program, BITAG began to act immediately and assist the poor maid. Full video of this emotional BITAG episode, soon!